Concept Study of Bidirectional 3-Phase AC/DC Power Conversion based on Matrix Converter Topology

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As one of the world leaders in power electronics AEG Power Solution GmbH (AEG-PS) started his research activities in isolated 3-phase AC/DC conversion based on matrix converter technologies since 6 years ago. In the power range of some 10 kW a number of unidirectional matrix converters operated in rectifier mode were developed. Thanks to the medium switching frequency (e.g. some 10 kHz) and elimination of the DC-link capacitor the matrix converter has a much higher power density than conventional Thyristor-topologies or topologies with DC-link stage.

Objective of this thesis is to perform a concept study of the bidirectional matrix converter as shown in the figure below. This study shall be performed analytically and simulatively based on a 50 kW converter. As CAD-tools MATLAB/Simulink and its power electronics toolbox SimPowerSystem are applied.


Tasks and structure of this thesis:

  • Training / literature
  • Development of the modulation strategy for matrix converter in reverse operation mode
  • Study of steady-state characters of the bidirectional matrix converter
  • Dimensioning of converter components
  • Documentation and presentation

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