FPGA-Based Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Resonant Converters



In the field of mechatronics and electrical drives hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation is one the commonly used tool for controller development and test. Different to an algorithm-level or software-level simulation in offline mode, using a HiL simulator the whole controller (incl. hardware and software) can be tested in physical signal level.

However, due to the hardware limitation a conventional digital processor-based HiL simulator has a relative long simulation step-size from 10 µs to some 10 µs, which means limits its application in higher switching frequency-operated DC-DC converters. Thanks the parallel processing ability a much shorter simulation step-size of some ten nanoseconds can be achieved by using field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology.

Within this work real-time simulation models for a series-parallel resonant converter with LC (SPRC-LC) output filter shall be developed and implemented in FPGA hardware. In details:

Preparatory  work

  • Fundamentals of time-domain modeling of resonant converters
  • Fundamentals of FPGA and its programming tool System Generator
  • Development of final specification and working plan for the main work
  • Midterm oral presentation

Basic specification of the main work

  • Develop simulation models for SPRC-LC
  • FPGA implementation and offline test
  • HiL test with the real controller
  • Validation with measurement
  • Documentation and oral presentation

Contact & Tutor 

M.Sc. Meng Sun,  E 4.321, Tel.: 05251 60-2220, E-Mail: sun[at]lea.upb.de


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