DA/MA: Multi-objective optimization of LCC resonant converter applied in high voltage generator
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Subject is a mobile high-voltage test generator that shall be used for mobile testing of high-voltage cables. The circuit diagram, which consists of a full-bridge inverter, a resonant LCC tank, transformer, and a cascaded rectifier, is shown below.

Particular task of this project is to reduce power losses, volume, and stress of the components with the designated input and output specifications, by means of multi-objective optimization. The work will start with existing partial loss models and the analytical converter large-signal model.

Expected study and research work includes:

  • Extend the power loss model with full-bridge inverter and series capacitance Cs
  • Refine the power loss model of the cascaded rectifier, high voltage transformer and inductor Ls
  • Compare various of optimization methods and tools, select the appropriate for the LCC resonant converter
  • Execute the multi-objective optimization with the selected methods and tools


Manli Hu, IW 1.625, Phone: +49 5251 / 603145,  hu[at]lea.upb.de
Norbert Fröhleke, IW 0.619, Phone: +49 5251 / 60-3884, froehleke[at]lea.upb.de

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